Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Last Christmas Carol

The Last Christmas Carol
Book & lyrics by David Meyers Music by Scott Michal

The holidays are here again! But is that any reason for another production of A Christmas Carol? Brodwyn Branson, the Scrooge-like director of a local children's theater, certainly doesn't think so. But without the "green" it brings in, his little drama company would be "in the red"!. Still, Branson can barely conceal his contempt for the whole affair. But just as his humbug-ish attitude is beginning to rub off on his young actors and threatens to ruin the show, he is visited by a series of Christmas spirits, including his former agent, an acid-tongued critic, and an Elvis impersonator whose specialty is smelling like The King. Subjected to an eye-opening tour of his own life, Branson comes to understand that the message of the classic Dickens tale is every bit as relevant today as it ever was. And, miraculously, the kids pull the show together in the nick of time. A witty script, delightful characters, and unforgettable songs make The Last Christmas Carol the perfect show to put any Scrooge in the holiday spirit. Bare stage with props. Running time: 2 hours.

Cast: 11m., 11w. Other Cast: 22-40 or more characters possible; half the characters may be male. Extras, doubling possible. Total Cast: 22.

Dramatic Publishing


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